About me


I’m a freelance journalist and photographer based in Florence, Italy. I was born in 1974 and I had my first experiences with journalism in 1995. Since 2003 I’m a professional journalist. I contribute – writing and taking pictures – to newspapers and magazines like Corriere della sera, Sole 24 Ore, Venerdì di Repubblica, La Lettura, Panorama, Campus, Capital, Class, Milano Finanza, VanityFair.it. In English, I’ve been a contributing writer for Louisiana daily newspaper Times Picayune and for the scientific magazine Sky and Telescope. I deal with themes ranging from economy to culture, from local politics to university, till to non profit and social matters. I’ve been traveling Italy and Europe to take pictures and videos in hotels and tourist destinations. One of my biggest interests is science – and in particular astronomy – popularization. I love shooting on traditional film, both 35mm, both medium format, developing and printing in my darkroom.

My favorite quote comes from the latin poet Terence. He said:  “I’m a man and I consider nothing that is human to be alien to me”.